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First released in August 2008, the URJ-UCCS, publishes high quality undergraduate research produced at the university.

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Vol 9, No 1

Table of Contents


Editor's Introduction PDF
Katrina Marie Rutz, Jaclyn Nelson


How Shame Affects Writing PDF
Taryn Alayna Miller
Ministers of Reconciliation: The Mennonite Church in American Race Relations, 1890-1963 PDF
Emilee Shindel
William Blake’s Newton as Innovative Iconography PDF
Caleb Paul Noel
Richard III and the Woodville Faction: The Events Surrounding 1483 PDF
Zachary D Rogers
A review of remote sensing utilization for identifying and monitoring change of land cover within coastal ecosystems of the Caribbean PDF
Marena Ann Gilbert
Understanding Mars's Past Fluvial Geomorphology through Comparative Planetology PDF
Mary Studebaker-Reed