URJ-UCCS: Undergraduate Research Journal at UCCS

First released in August 2008, the URJ-UCCS, publishes high quality undergraduate research produced at the university.

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Vol 10, No 1

Table of Contents


Editorial Introduction PDF
Erin Halverson 1-2


Reluctant Writers in Elementary School: A Problem with a Solution PDF
Ashley Feil 3-10
An Argument on Disney and Psychological Development PDF
Madeleine Binkley 11-18
3 Halves of a Whole: Homosexuality and Self-Acceptance in BBC’s Sherlock PDF
Jayne Mallory Simpson 19-29
The Seam Between Romanticism and Realism PDF
Christopher James Varano 30-35
Dangerous Obsession: The Troubled History of US-Cuban Relations PDF
Aaron Birks 36-53
The Moses of Charleston: Denmark Vesey PDF
Stephen Michael Kynor 54-68
A Meta-Analysis Essay on the Environmental Resistance Movement and the Role of its Deniers PDF
Austin Alan Routt 69-77