URJ-UCCS: Undergraduate Research Journal at UCCS

First released in August 2008, the URJ-UCCS, publishes high quality undergraduate research produced at the university.

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Vol 6, No 1

Table of Contents


Editor's Introduction PDF
Matthew Rockwell 1-2


The Psychology of Diversity Across Nations: An Analysis of Foreign Health Practice in Haiti and Rwanda PDF
Jason William Adams 3-7
Confronting Myths: How Violence in Ciudad Juarez Affects El Paso, Texas PDF
Rob Daniel Prose 8-18
The Apparent Myth of Morality and the Reality of Genocide PDF
Christopher Lee Wu 19-24
The Fish Farming Evolution PDF
Brittni Jade Gunnoe 25-30
Making Myths: Billy the Kid, George Armstrong Custer, Buffalo Bill, and the Media PDF
Veronica Spicer 31-53